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Tasty Mac Pac Ltd is predominantly a specialist in the sale of whole and filleted mackerel. However with its own two boats at certain times of the year target sea bass and the ever increasing demand for pollack.

Tasty MacPac mackerel fillets

The primary aim of the company is to provide these products to the local market not just neccesarily to the obvious commercial restaurant market but through farm shops,local markets and food fairs attended by the general public. Within the first twelve months of trading there were some enquiries and intrest from outside the region and there are various customers that take our products frozen only because of the speed we process the fish we catch.

Tasty MacPac fillets

Our concerted effort however goes into the production of the prime mackerel for fresh consumption vacuum packed with a seven day shelf life . These products are supplied by ourselves and the other boats in the Hayle Handliners.

Mackerel prices are fixed for the year as we not influenced by the massive fluxuation of prices if we had to buy our prime fish from newlyn or looe markets.

Tasty MacPac

2008 prices for four fillets at 190g -230g sell at £2.00 per pack and four fillets at 290g-320g sell at £3.00 per pack. Customers interested in our pollack and bass need to keep updated on prices later in the year when they become available.

Tasty Mac Pac does also have a division which deals with the fishing bait market both for mackerel and also sandeels. This area has an interesting cycle as the fish are caught in the bay but the fish frames are returned through some of the lobster and crab boats for pot bait in the bay itself.

90% of all the fish processed and sold through Tasty Mac Pac comes from the Hayle Handliners. For more information or to place an order you can get in contact with us through this website.